Sometimes You Have To Go Left, Before You Get Right

Sometimes You Have To Go Left, Before You Get Right

This is a compass and uh, it points to the right because you’re always supposed to level up. I love that. I listened to a quote today about that. “Sometimes you have to go left before you get right.” So, in this job, sometimes you’re gonna have a year where you just get your butt handed to you. Sometimes you’re gonna have days where you’re gonna just like go to the movies and learn your lesson the hard way. Your bank account goes to zero before you get right. Interesting, Right? Sometimes it’s a lesson. I’ve watched some guys maybe leave the industry. Maybe go in and go see the other side or whatever before they get right. Because, I’ve noticed in life you’re not always gonna be on that compass’s path this way. And it’s the favor is in us and sometimes the favor isn’t always in the path. Does that make sense? Meaning we know we want to be this way and all of a sudden we’ll get deviated because a girl. I’ve watched guys get screwed in this job cause of some chick. I’ve watched guys go down these bad paths of like, I’m gonna go on a hiatus and drink and do whatever. And then they just distracted. Sometimes they get distracted with like the wrong vision of school or jobs, the greener grass, you know, like take other competitors might sit there and call you guys, but the grass isn’t green over there. I promise the grass is green where you water it. We’ve all heard that. And so, sometimes we think the favor is in that path and sometimes the favor isn’t us.

Find Your P.A.T.H.

But I guarantee you, if you’re sitting in this room, you’re all have the favors in you. You’ve gotta just ask yourself as the favor in this path too. And you align those two and you say, Okay, this is the right path. Let’s run down it. And path means this. I’ve created an acronym for path is do you have the potential to get where you want to go? Are you taking the actions that you need to take to get there? Do you have the right team to support you in that? And that’s why I said, Hey dude, you gotta level up. You gotta take a stand to do a thousand accounts plus this year for these guys as the captain. You gotta take a stand. You gotta take a stand to say, if we bring in new guys, I’m gonna be the teammate that pushes them. Michael Jordan, it’s crazy. I interviewed Tim Grover. Do you guys know who Tim Grover is? He was Michael Jordan’s trainer and he wrote the book “Relentless”.  He told me a story about Michael and he said Michael was so interesting because he would have players getting recruited by other teams and he would call the recruiters and he would say, you’re overpaying for this guy. I was like, what a dick move. You know what I mean?Why are you gonna pay that guy that much? You’re an idiot. He’s gonna play half as good on your team as he does on my team. I was like, that’s interesting. He’ll be half as good. I pull the greatness, our culture with Phil and me and the team and the, the competitiveness that we create makes him good. He’s not that good.

Create Consistency

And the last one is habits. What are the habits you need to be creating? It’s not doing yet, but it’s creating cause have a whole formula and writing a book called the Achievement Framework. And then the next piece of the puzzle, once you figured out the path to how you then have consistency, how often are you staying on that path? Because it’s like, what’s her name? The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy, “Follow The Yellow Brick Road” Right? She’s singing the song, “Follow The Yellow Brick Road” and all of a sudden the tin man comes, it’s like, will you help me? I don’t have a heart, or whatever. The next guy is like, I don’t have a brain, or whatever, you know? They keep going on these deviations in this path and it’s like, Dorothy, just stay on the  road. Why do you keep jumping off? Why do you keep like getting pulled by the witches and all this stuff? All you do is put your head down and not all the in loop of mid of people and those stupid monkey things like just keep walking girl and she keeps getting distracted. You want to get to point B, which might be make a hundred thousand dollars. It might be go create a team of 50 dudes, whatever you want, don’t get distracted.

Don’t Get Distracted

Stop getting distracted by things that don’t matter and state to this path. The biggest thing is like, what I realized is I wasted a lot of time, I may have gotten far in this industry. I feel like I’ve not even come close to the pinnacle and I like lead the industry right now in like a weird way. I don’t say that. Like, I say that in a sense of like, I’m trying to really inspire the whole like globally. Like, I interviewed a dude from Australia yesterday, but I, for me, I’m like, I feel like I’m on a really cool path and anytime I look at distraction off of this path, cause I get hit up every day like, Hey man, let’s start this business. Or hey man, like can you do this? Hey man, can you send like come do this? And I’m like, no, I have to say no for every one time. I say yes to say no to 20 other things because I’ve learned the principle of just I’m on a path, I’m on a mission, don’t take me off it because it’s going to slow me down. If I were to have learned that practice five, ten years ago, I’d be a lot further. But I had to learn it.