Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of topics will be covered in the Solar Sales Training program?

SolarExperts is a comprehensive platform for streamlining the sales and installation process in the solar industry. Our platform connects vetted installers with ongoing quality assurance throughout the lifecycle of the project. We offer the latest, up-to-date sales training to help you stay ahead of the competition with access to a comprehensive suite of tools, resources, and support that will help you maximize the potential of your solar business.

What type of training does your solar sales training website offer?​

Our solar sales training website offers comprehensive and interactive online courses that cover all aspects of solar sales. We provide detailed instructions on how to identify potential customers, make estimates and quotes, build relationships with clients, recommend product features, and close the sale. Additionally, our courses include in-depth information about solar technology and market trends. As a result, participants can expect to gain the knowledge they need to become successful in their field.

How long is the Solar Sales Training program?​

The Solar Sales Training program is typically completed within two weeks. Each course consists of five modules that offer several hours of instruction each day. This allows students to learn at their own pace

What type of information can I find on the SolarExperts platform?

The SolarExpert Platform is designed to provide you with valuable and helpful information about all types of solar energy, including product reviews and ratings, installation tips and techniques, financial incentives for going solar, and much more. We strive to make sure that our content is up-to-date and relevant, so our users can be as informed as possible when making decisions regarding their solar energy needs.

How Does SolarExperts platform work?

SolarExperts is a platform that uses data-driven insights and predictive analytics to support decision-making. This process begins with the collection of data from sources such as industry research, customer surveys, web analytics, and other external sources. The data is then analyzed using sophisticated tools in order to uncover trends, relationships, and patterns within the data set.

How Deos the vetting process work?

SolarExperts vetting process is designed to ensure the highest quality standards for our services and products. First, we thoroughly vet any potential vendor by conducting a detailed background check of their work history and experience. We also review references from past clients and assess their compliance with industry regulations.