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SolarExperts is a comprehensive platform for streamlining the sales and installation process in the solar industry. Our platform connects vetted installers with ongoing quality assurance throughout the lifecycle of the project. 

 We offer the latest, up-to-date sales training to help you stay ahead of the competition with access to a comprehensive suite of tools, resources, and support that will help you maximize the potential of your solar business.

Streamline your sell-to-install workflow with SolarExperts

Innovative all-in-one platform for virtual Solar Sales 

How it Works

Quality Assurance & Vetted Installers

Automated Installer Assignment

Project Monitoring & ongoing Feedback

Scale Up your Sales with Unmatched Coverage

Automatic Installer Assignment

Expand to New markets

Diversifed Installer pipeline

Support Team

Founder's Story

Abe Issa

With Phenomenal sales growth, Also comes recognition. Solar expert, Abe Issa rise has seen his nomination for and acceptance of multiple recognized awards including: Tech Republic 40 under 40, Two Stevie Awards, CEO World Award for Environmental Sustainability Leader, CEO World Award for Environmental Products and Services, and Finalist for EY Entrepreneur of the Year

Award Wining in Business, Tech and making a Difference

The Largest Virtual Solar Sales Training Library

200+ hours of intensive course curriculum

Solar Sales fundamentals 

 Weekly virtual trainings and webinars  

5 Hours of new training added every week.

Sell Solar Virtually with Integrated Suite

Installation Network

  • Network vetting technology
  • Automatically select and assign installers
  • Simplified & consolidated Sales-Installation process

Sales Tools

  • Proposal forecast
  • Digital signing
  • Digital sales course

Project Management

  • Comprehensive Project management tools
  • Project tracking & monitoring
  • Efficient team management tools

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