Morning Routine Of Successful People

Morning Routine Of Successful People

Let’s talk about your morning routine. I feel like you’ve got your morning dialed in. I tell every sales rep, every business owner, every successful person that you have to be organized. Keep your mornings dialed. So, walk us through kind of your principles of your morning practice. What’s, what’s changed your life? What’s been a good, you know, best practices kinda shut us on, What’s that look like?

Organize Your Morning

I believe we’re on this earth for what we can do for others. Um, you don’t know my whole story. Sometime we’ll talk more of my story. But, when I was in a tragic car accident, March 2nd, 1997. I was pronounced dead at 10:33 PM. And here I am. So, a lot of my story is, I’m here. If I can make it, you can make it and tell my story of the comeback. And so, I believe that life is about what we can do for others. We are here to serve others. My morning starts with wherever I am, whatever time zone. I travel a lot. And so the time zones are where they are. Whatever time zone I’m in, the alarm is set for 4:33 AM Alarm goes off at four 30, 3:00 AM I oftentimes I’ll wake up before the alarm, but if I don’t, then I get up, I shake it out, I get the, get the bugs out, throw the glasses on back before vanilla texting.

Spread Love To Others First

I will go straight to the phone and start sending out messages. Before, before anything. You just start sending out the badass morning message. Typically, I will record it the day before. Whatever’s on my heart. I’ll record it the night before so that as soon as I wake up, I don’t have to stress over. What’s on my heart right now? What am I gonna record? Go set up lights, you know, before I was doing it outside those, those sorts of things. I want to just have it so I can roll over, grab the phone, open either the text app, have it programmed or, and just start serving others. Just start sending out the love. Um, and so even still, it’s, it’s, you get up the first however long it takes. It’s a lot shorter now. Um, but, but that was your first thing. Start sending love, spread love, start spreading it out. Right. Start sending the love to others. Um, and then typically if I’m not in a jury trial, that’s why I keep saying typically when, when it’s, when it’s a jury trial. Cause that’s who I am. It’s not just what I do. It’s who I am. Um, the, the trial weeks, you have to really focus on serving that client and doing the best you can for the client. And so it really disrupts the morning schedule to a certain degree. Um, and, and courts have opened back up and so I’m in trial again. I was in trial last week. I’ll be in trial in a couple of weeks again. And so start with serving others. And then only then after you’ve sent, after I’ve sent love all around the world, then I start serving. Although it serves me to serve others, we serve ourselves by serving others, then I start taking care of me.

Take Care Of Yourself

I’m not gonna be able to take care of everyone else if I don’t take care of me. So that’s when the praying, the quiet time, which is typically a 10 to 15 minute short. Some, some meditation. Not always meditation in the classic sense, but just praying, thinking good thoughts. Who do I need to send the prayers to? Who do I need to talk to God a little bit? Yeah. Um, and then go out and do some exercise. Um, and typically the exercise is anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour. And then after that, typically after that I will, cuz it’s still early, it’s six o’clock.

Check Your Schedule For The Day

Um, then I take 15 to 30 minutes to go over the list that I’ve made the night before of my three most important intentions for the day and start knocking off. Sometimes it’s a phone call or a conference that you can’t do at six or six 30 in the morning. So you just have to prepare for it. But if it’s something that, that I can knock out or you can knock out and you’ve got it in your daily script, I’m a big believer in the scripts. If it’s in the script, it gets done. This is my script. I literally built my own planner. So, every day I have my script. Here’s my three things and I call my three battles. Look At that. All right.  Mine is very similar to that. I got mine from Craig Valentine.

Go Over Your Goals And Mantras

And so what I do with mine, this doesn’t have it in there. I just have to write it every so often. I write myself one of my mantras so that when I’m flipping through. I’ll just come to the day and then there is your mantra. The most important story in the world is the story we tell ourselves about ourselves. A lot of them I got from Hal Loro , I am as deserving, as worthy and as capable as anyone else to achieve anything that I choose. If I have big belief and I give extra effort, that’s part of the Miracle Mattress in the morning, um, every morning. And so I don’t mean to take this too much sideways.

Start The Day With Small Victories

That’s just kind of how my morning works. And then by that time I’ve gotten as much done in that two to three hours as I used to get an entire all morning and midway into the afternoon. When you start with your small victories and you’ve gotten a few of those things checked off. I mean, I’ll have something as simple as the most important, One of the most important things I need to start with today is I’ve got to get these documents drafted that I’ve gotta get to our accounting folks so that they can get the checkout to our client because we got the insurance claim paid. Yeah. And so those are very monotonous. Uh, those can be very detail oriented and no lawyer wants to sit down and figure out connecting all the dots to get checks out, to get everything in place, to fill out all the forms for the processes to get the money out. But it’s what you’ve got to do. If a check comes in the day before that, on some time during the day, directly on my script as one of the most important things the next morning is get all the paperwork done that needs to get to accounting for this check to get released out to the client. Getting the small things done first allows for you to feel accomplished and continue that pace throughout your day.