How To Be More Gritty

How To Be More Gritty

What’s up guys, Sam Taggart here. I’m here to teach you how to be more gritty. Now, there’s so much talk in this world. There’s so much out there that people are like, I’m gonna be a million or I’m gonna do X, Y, Z. But the problem is, is they are missing grit. So in this video, I’m gonna go over some key principles on how to build more grit inside your day to day, whether that’s you’re out there, door knocking, whether that’s you’re out there trying to, you know, meet a girl, whether that’s, you’re trying to grow a business, whether that’s, you’re trying to get yourself to a new level, it’s all about, can you factor the grit inside of you? So, check this video out. If you like our video subscribe today and leave a comment below saying, Hey, this is what I want more of. This is what I like. And we’d love to hear feedback. So check this out.

Don’t Fear The Pain

There’s a part in the book by Glennon Doyle. I don’t know if you’ve heard of untamed, but it’s a female empowerment book, but I loved it. She says let’s look at Jesus. He walked straight towards his own crucifixion. First the pain, then the waiting, then the rising, all of our sufferings come when we try to get our resurrection without allowing ourselves to be crucified first. It kind of goes back to this whole, no pain, no game mentality. And you know, you think of like that element of suffering and, you know, Christ could have been like, all right, just me. And it’s like, no, He was like, I’m going to carry the cross. I’m going to get whipped. I’m going to put a thorn crown on my head. I’m going to let you guys mock and spit on me and tell me how much of a crazy lunatic I am. That was all part of this whole, like now, I’m going to resurrect and be like, look who I am. You have got to look at this, like almost like a Phoenix. A Phoenix is will literally kill themselves. They burn. Then they rebirth out of the ashes and the suffering. It would take, you know, like for a butterfly to break down its exoskeleton and literally go into a cocoon and decompose itself to then a caterpillar to turn into a butterfly and the suffering, the pain that it takes to go through these types of things. These transformations are part of the process. A lot of times when we think of emotional resilience is just that ability to endure that suffering.

Be Anti-Fragile

There’s a book that I started not too long ago. It’s called “The Power Of Anti-Fragility”. It says some things benefit from shock. They thrive and grow and expos to volatility, randomness disorder, and stressors and love and venture risk uncertainty. Yet in spite of the ubiquity of the phenomenon, there’s no word for the exact opposite of fragile. Let us call it anti-fragile. Anti-fragility is beyond resilience or robustness, the resilient resists shock and stays the same. The anti-fragile gets better. And you think about it like humans are one of the few things that when they’re under pressure and shock and craziness, we get stronger. Think of lifting weights. You, you put yourself under stress, your muscles get stronger and there’s really not a word. So, anti-fragile is the word this guy uses in his book and it is the power of being more than just strong.

Accept Hardships

And it’s like, had we not had these stressful hardships? We would not be where we’re at today. And so, the coolest part of every story is the emotional resilient element. It’s like the guy went and despite how many times he got knocked down, got up and he succeeded. And that’s what makes a really compelling Hollywood production book. Novel motivational person is it’s they, they suffered through some, some hardship and you know, humans are really built to be anti-fragile. And so we look at emotional resilience as a gift, as a joy, as a, let’s be grateful for this. And if we don’t, we’re just literally almost like slapping God in the face and being like, Hey, you built us wrong. It’s like, everyone has it differently. I hate when people look at other people’s hardships and say, oh, they’ve got it easy. If only they knew what I had to go through to get to where I’m at.

You Have Your Own Journey

And a lot of times we fail to recognize everyone is meant to go on their own journey. Some of you guys have gone through some real struggles loss of parents, you know, maybe had abusive relationships, uh, sicknesses, health problems. And, I go, that’s your pro that like, that’s your story that you get to go through? And you’re so blessed to have such crazy hardship. And some people, they, you know, it looks on the outside that they went super crazy, but maybe they deal with mental issues, eating disorders, uh, depression, anxiety, crazy fear of everything, you know? And, and on the outside you’re like, well, you’ve never lost a loved one or you’ve never had to go through bankruptcy or whatever. And it’s like, yeah, but, okay. Would you rather have a billion dollars and be depressed or would you rather be broke and be happy? Like, maybe to have problems with self image, maybe it’s an insecurity and it’s, who’s it whose place is it to judge when dealing with that kind of stuff. That’s where I tell people, I’m like, everyone’s story their story for a reason. And when you’re dealing with like hardships and the, and the, the craziness in life realize that that’s where you need to be.

Find Your Will

You need to sit in that and you need to enjoy it and you need to embrace it. And you need to say in two years and six months and three days, I’m gonna look back on this and be like, this is what made me the character that I am today. Um, so there’s a quote by Ryan Halladay it says “If perception and action or disciplines of the mind then will, is the discipline of the heart and the soul.” So find your will. And that’s gonna be one of the things that’s gonna take you farther in, in hardship is really kind of what’s the will inside of me. And that’s where I think people struggle is they don’t have strong, will like their natural will. When we’re talking about knocking, it’s like, if you’re really want something, you’re gonna go knock hard enough in order and go get it. Um, despite the thoughts, the feelings, the emotions, the, the, the, all the emotional element is that stopping or getting in your way of your will. Meaning, just do it or not do it.

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